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23 Gendered Products That Will Make You Say "WTF?"

But what if I want to snack like a man?

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1. These healthy treats for women's wellbeing:

Just had a few of these and my uterus feels GREAT #UnnecessarilyGenderedProducts

2. This pink shampoo that must only be used if you're female:

3. This ~highly personal~ cleaning experience all blokes owe to themselves:

#unnecessarilygenderedproducts Bloke Soak, because god forbid your bath isn't masculine enough.

4. This sunscreen that will only protect very manly skin:

5. And these Q-tips that will only fit in the dexterous hands of a man:

6. This chocolate that is 100% definitely not meant for the delicate female palate:

7. These sprinkles that are helpfully separated as per necessary gender requirements:

8. This pen that is only to be held by the fragile female hand:

Why are these pens gendered? #unnecessarilygenderedproducts

9. This man tin for the only screws men will ever receive when owning shit like this:

Today in unnecessarily gendered products: tins!

10. This organic tea that may look exactly the same, but trust us, men and women NEED their own specific packet:

Unnecessarily Gendered

Like, I don't want to accidentally drink men's tea and grow a beard or something?! That's how it works right??

11. These German snacks that are aware girls must only eat the soft, pink-flavoured treat or who knows what will happen:

#UnnecessarilyGenderedProducts: Chocolate by #rapunzel Germany

12. These goldfish snacks that definitely taste different once they come out of a pretty pink packet:

Ew, they'll probably give boys cooties lol.

13. And we must remember, men's products are decisively "rugged":

14. These tissues that are sized and styled only for the large, masculine physique:

Really, though??? They're TISSUES! #UnnecessarilyGenderedProducts

15. The Bronut that by no circumstances should a woman EVER eat, because they'd probably turn into a bro:

16. These Kinder Surprises that are only spreading joy for boys:

17. This very distinctive parma:

The @DukeMelbourne's ~Lady Parma~ is smaller, and comes with salad instead of coleslaw. Can't make this stuff up.

18. This hammer that helpfully comes with a full-size round face for accurate striking, because lol, a female would fail otherwise:

19. These shower gels that are both super-sniff-a-licious but only if you obey the gender norms:

20. These disinfectant wipes that are made bigger – not to clean surfaces, but just for men's large hands:

on today's issue of unnecessarily gendered items: disinfectant wipes

21. These very necessary Bibles designed for little princesses and mighty warriors:

22. This umbrella that will deftly protect men from the rain:

this week in unnecessarily gendered products: a fucking umbrella

It's automatic, too, so they can't confuse their little brains with a manual handle.

23. And this protein powder that will only help women get in shape:

one of the most unnecessarily gendered products I've seen yet.

If a man takes it, he may grow boobs.