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21 Times "Looking For Alibrandi" Was Completely Iconic

A staple book and movie for every Aussie teen.

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1. When these two were relationship goals...

2. ...because they were so imperfectly perfect together.

Cue teen heart's melting everywhere.
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Cue teen heart's melting everywhere.

3. When it got real about politics:

4. When it accurately summed up all teenager's relationships with their parents, whether they be close...

5. Or distant...

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6. ...or completely fraught by pressure and expectations.

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7. And when it showed not even the adults have things completely figured out.

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8. When it accurately depicted the excitement of being in an all girls school and seeing your "brother" school arrive.

9. When it explored Josie's complicated feelings about wanting to have sex but also wanting to wait.

10. When this truth-bomb was dropped and just spoke to our inner teen.

11. When it highlighted the importance of strong female role models.

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12. As well as the importance of life not always going the way you plan.

13. When it explored teen suicide in a sensitive and meaningful way through the tragic death of John Barton.

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14. And when these words were completely heart-breaking.

RIP John :(

RIP John :(

15. As well as this emotional scene in the movie.

16. When Josie's father helped her through the pain of losing John with these powerful words.

17. When it highlighted many teenagers feelings about not fitting in.

18. When it highlighted how stressful the HSC is.

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19. When it told the story of second generation migrant Australians...

20. ...and created a character that all Australian-born, Italian-raised kids could relate to.

21. And when Josie turned into an unlikely role model for young females everywhere - while flawed and sometimes selfish, she was also passionate and strong.

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