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12 Things That Prove Early '00s Christina Aguilera Was Before Her Time

Bring back the Stripped era.

The year was 2002: Cargo pants were in fashion. The Kardashians weren't a thing. And Christina Aguilera released a banger of an album.

Here is the definitive proof early 00's Christina was completely iconic.

1. She didn't give a damn what anybody thought about her new image.

2. While everyone was focusing on the promiscuous video for "Dirrty", Christina was busy talking some real talk.

3. And after shedding her good girl vibe, she wasn't afraid to speak out against the music industry.

4. She followed up her raunchy first single with the heartfelt ballad "Beautiful".

5. And not only were the lyrics of "Beautiful" iconic, the music video was also raising awareness for those being discriminated against.

The video showcases a gay couple kissing and ignoring the stares of people around them; an anorexic girl examining herself in the mirror; a teenage boy lifting weights with pictures of bodybuilders surrounding him; a young African-American woman ripping out pages of magazines that are only including white women; a transgender person putting on makeup, a wig and women's clothing; and a goth man sitting on a bus while people get up and move away from him.

6. Forget "Since U Been Gone", Christina's "Fighter" was definitely one of the most powerful break-up anthems of the decade.

7. And way before many of her rival acts started speaking out about feminism, Christina had already been preaching loud and clear.

8. In fact her song "Can't Hold Us Down" should have been every girl's empowerment anthem.

Sure Beyonce stood in front of a feminist sign - but that was a good ten years after Christina had her say.

9. Christina wore her title of being a strong female role model. Sometimes even literally.

10. And she wasn't afraid to touch on issues that affect many women, such as the domestic violence she suffered when she was a child.

11. She also raised awareness of emotionally abusive relationships in the song "Walk Away."

12. And let's not forget, she was the queen of the sassy eye-roll.

Shout out to the early '00s Xtina for being a totally badass female icon.