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17 Faces Every Sydney-Sider Will Recognise During Winter

The "Ew someone just coughed all over me on the inner west line" face.

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1. The "I have to get up for an early shift and it's super cold" face.


2. The "Someone next to me on the bus just sneezed all over me" face.


3. The "My train is late again (fuck you CityRail) and I'm freezing my ass off" face.

4. The "Someone in the office is sick and infecting everyone, bitch better not come near me" face.

5. The "FFS the weather app lied to me and said it wouldn't rain today" face.


6. The "I just remembered my washing's on the line and it's pissing down" face.


7. The "My umbrella broke again, WTF is with these useless contraptions anyway?" face

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8. The "Why does everyone walk super slow down George Street in the rain?!" face.


9. The "Why does everyone drive like complete morons in the rain?!" face.


10. The "I'm stuck in traffic on Parramatta road, it's 5:30 P.M. and pitch black and I just want to go home" face.

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11. The "I straightened my hair today and now I look like this" face.

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12. The "Why is it all of a sudden so HOT again?" face.

13. The "I literally do not know how to dress anymore for this confusing weather" face.

14. The "WTF and now it's hailing?!" face.


15. The "I actually can't feel my hands right now" face.

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16. The "My body is so confused by this weather and now I'm sick" face.

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17. The "Sydney, I'm so done with you" face.