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    18 Struggles Every Picky Eater Has When Travelling

    How do you say "please, please don't put cheese on that" in Italian?

    1. You're super excited to go explore new places but always have some fear of what foods you can and can't eat while there.


    2. And your family starts questioning you about your eating plans before you even embark on your adventure.


    3. If you're on a tour, sometimes the food options are predetermined and, look, it can cause some anxiety.


    4. More often than not you're found with ample snacks in your backpack just in case you couldn't eat something at a venue.

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    5. You're constantly judged by the new friends you make along the way.


    6. And consistently questioned when you admit to not liking a certain food, seasoning, or sauce.

    7. Not to mention the judgement from the waiters when you try to order something and ask to remove that one ingredient you truly can't eat.


    Whaddya mean you don't do cheese-less pizza here?

    8. Oh, and the language barrier thing can sometimes be...difficult.


    9. So most of the time you just stick to ordering the same safe option when you're out.

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    Yes, the garden salad looks fantastic, I'll take five.

    10. If your food arrives with a surprise ingredient not listed on the menu, you can't decide if you want to complain or just push everything around your plate and hope your travel buddies don't notice.

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    I just don't know why you'd ever have to put pesto on eggs. I really don't understand.

    11. You have spontaneous moments where you decide to push yourself out of your comfort zone, because that's what travelling is all about! can be a regrettable experience.


    12. Especially when you realise you've wasted precious money on a meal you don't even like.


    13. Or when you suck it up and eat something, then it actually makes you ill.

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    14. You often find yourself apologising for being a "hassle" about your eating habits.


    15. And feeling constantly embarrassed about the way you are.


    16. You spend countless minutes explaining over and over again why you just can't eat certain things.


    17. While reassuring people that yes, you have tried it, no it doesn't sit well with you, and yes, you can live your life without that food.

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    18. And though it can be exhausting to constantly defend yourself, on the plus side it teaches you a lot about being patient and non-judgemental to other people's weird habits.


    Hey, we all have them.

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