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    19 Undeniably True Facts About Australia

    Shoes are optional.

    1. Bondi Beach is kinda overrated.

    Network 10

    2. Shoes are a choice, not a necessity.

    Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

    3. The coffee in Australia is superior to anywhere else.


    4. Also honestly, our McDonald’s just tastes way better.

    5. Hot chips will always taste better with chicken salt.

    6. This photo is an abomination.

    7. These are staples for any Aussie young adult.

    Instagram: serryhammond / Instagram: briannacoleman07

    Over the age of 18, of course.

    8. And really, we only have one true love.

    9. There’s nothing worse than being blatantly ripped off.

    Instagram: martineezz77 / Via

    Yes that is a $59 charge for one hour of parking.

    10. These two are the ultimate couple goals.


    11. Everyone knows deep down, Shannon Noll was ripped off.

    Matthew King / Getty Images

    12. This guy is a national treasure.


    13. The NT News have the best headlines.

    NT News

    14. Magpies are probably the most terrifying animal in Australia.

    15. Aussie winters are basically the equivalent of a British summer.

    16. You know this shop is the place where dreams come true. / Creative Commons

    Cheap dreams are made of theeeese.

    17. The word cunt is rather ambiguous.

    18. There’s nothing Aussies love more than a good troll.

    19. And overall, most Aussies just don’t give a fuck.

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