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    Posted on 2 Feb 2015

    23 Things Only Wagga People Will Understand


    1. First things first, there's no reason to call Wagga, Wagga Wagga.

    Wikipedia: Bidgee / Creative Commons

    You just don't.

    2. As a Wagga native you are accustomed to all sorts of weather. / Creative Commons

    3. Like the highest of highs...

    40 degree + summers, no worries.

    4. ...And the lowest of lows.

    Flickr: Neil B / Creative Commons

    Just your standard Wagga winter.

    5. You remember the Wagga floods. / Creative Commons

    6. And the crazy reaction from the spiders.

    Daniel Munoz / Reuters / Via

    When they decided to cobweb ALL the land.

    7. As well as the time Lake Albert went completely dry. / Creative Commons

    8. You spend your summer at this fine beach... snucklepuff

    And wait around for that epic five o'clock wave. #JustWaggaThings

    9. ...And definitely not here.

    Because the novelty of this place wore off after about the first three months. Unless you're like five.

    10. You've been to the top of Willan's Hill numerous times. / Creative Commons

    "For the view."

    11. You remember when Kildare was actually Mt. Erin High School. / Creative Commons

    12. And the fierce rivalry between Kildare and Mater Dei.

    13. As well as the rivalry between Mater Dei and Kildare VS. everyone else.

    Wagga Wagga High School, Riverina Anglican College, Kooringal High School and Mount Austin.

    14. But every true Wagga person knows, the real rivalry lies here:

    Facebook: RomanosWagga / Facebook: The

    Romanos VS The Vic - and the mad dash up the main street to make it to the next destination before lockout.

    15. And we all breathed a sigh of relief when this place closed down.

    Facebook: capitalwagga

    Let's be honest, a lot of Wagga people have been making better decisions ever since.

    16. Forget about fast food chains, this is where you'll find your drunk food at the end of your night:

    ALL the potato gems please.

    17. Unless you're under 18, then all you'll be doing is lapping the main. / Creative Commons


    18. And you know you're back home when people park like this and get away with it.

    Facebook: WaggasWD


    19. As a local, you read The Daily Advertiser.

    The Daily Advertiser

    20. But mostly for the vox pop gems.

    Daily Advertiser / Via Twitter: @tahls

    21. Because the locals are always up to date with what's happening.

    The Daily Advertiser / Via Twitter: @Tahls


    22. And while people from Wagga are allowed to bag it out...


    "Oh you live in Trashmont? Lol ew."

    23. If anyone else does, this is the standard response:

    Youtube: JennaMarbles

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