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18 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up In An Aussie Country Town

There's no place like home.

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1. Your first best friend was probably your pet.

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2. And if you lived on a property, you sat in the driver's seat of a car at an early age.

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Probably on your parents lap though.

3. You had to become used to getting up way too early to catch the bus to school.


4. And there was always going to be someone in your year that sported a mullet.

5. Summer was always ridiculously hot...

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40 degrees celcius was just another average day tbh.

6. ... and winter was always freezing cold.


Walking through that frosty grass in the morning to get the bus was not ideal.

7. Doing "Cross Country" at school seriously meant you were running out in the bushland somewhere.

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8. And your swimming carnival was held at the sole "local" pool that probably boasted two pools maximum.

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9. Most kids were definitely raised playing a sport of some kind.

What else would you do on a Saturday?

10. And any day excursions involved going to whatever local national park was nearby.

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Pomingalarna reserve anyone?

11. At best, there was only one cinema in "town".


Although some people had to travel an hour or more to get there.

12. And in all honesty, there was just not a lot of ~fun~ things to do.


One time, a skatepark was built. Then it was graffitied. The end.

13. But you did become really good at making up your own outdoor activities.


"Hide and seek" has never been so much fun. Or so hard.

14. Underage drinking in a park was definitely a thing most teens participated in.


Potentially with a bottle of passion pop.

15. Until everyone turned 18 of course, where you had two exciting pub options to choose from.


16. You definitely owned a flanno and uggs long before they ever became a fashion "trend".

17. It was easy to get very overwhelmed when you visited any cities that had a population higher than 50,000.

18. And even if you live in a big city now, you always love going back to your little country town.