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    Jared Leto Called Heath Ledger's Joker Performance "One Of The Best In Cinema"

    "Heath did an impeccable performance as the Joker".

    Jared Leto sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss Suicide Squad and paid tribute to Heath Ledger during the interview.

    “Heath did an impeccable, perfect performance as the Joker,” Leto said, adding: “It’s one of the best performances ever in cinema."

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Ledger won a posthumous Academy Award for his role as the Joker, and Leto admitted that he had big shoes to fill.

    Warner Bros. Pictures
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    “I think had it only been portrayed by Heath and it was never a comic book, maybe I would have felt that would be inappropriate," Leto said, saying he felt comforted at the fact that others, such as Jack Nicholson, had taken on the iconic role before.

    "I had met Heath before. I didn't know him well, but he was a beautiful person," Leto said of the late actor.

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    Read the full Rolling Stone profile with Leto here.

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