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    21 Very Real Struggles Every Girl Has During Summer

    Two words: Boob sweat.

    1. Putting your makeup on and promptly sweating it off as soon as you set foot outside.


    2. Wearing your sunglasses and having sweat pool around the part on your nose, once again effectively sweating off any concealer or foundation.


    3. Using any heating appliance for your hair and basically sweating it all out of place again.

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    4. (Special sympathy for girls with bangs/fringes who normally have to use one of these appliances just to get that hair sitting straight.)


    5. And let's not forget the havoc humidity wreaks on any hairstyle.


    6. Getting sunburnt in your part and then brushing your hair and having it sting.

    7. And then if it peels, it looks like you have a bad case of dandruff.

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    8. Getting burnt on your shoulders and then trying to put your bra on.

    9. Getting your period and having to deal with that hot mess as well as the heat.


    Summer cramps feel like they're 1000 times worse.

    10. The whole constant shaving of the legs thing.


    11. And the tidying up of the bikini area.


    If you can be bothered.

    12. Getting a shaving rash on your legs or bikini line.

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    13. And also developing a heat rash on top of all that.

    14. Having thongs or sandals rub on your feet and leave those annoying dirty marks.

    15. Two words: thigh chafing.

    16. Sitting down on the train or bus and realising your sweaty legs will stick to the seat because your dress isn't long enough to cover them fully.

    17. Having any lacy underwear feel even more uncomfortable.


    18. Wearing a cute, summery jumpsuit then having to take the whole thing off when you go to the toilet.

    19. Having your fingers swell up and not being able to take your rings off.

    20. Basically just going out to try and live your best life, and having your boobs be all like "lol watch this" and feel the sweat start slowly taking over your chest region.

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    21. And on those really hot days, feeling it literally start a trail from your boobs, to your stomach.


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