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    27 Things All Aussies Have Definitely Experienced At Some Stage

    Seeking relief by sticking your head in the freezer on a hot day.

    1. Getting the mail of the mailbox as fast as possible just in case there's a huge spider lurking.

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    2. Rolling your eyes every time you hear “shrimp on the barbie”.

    New Line Cinema

    3. Not enunciating city names properly.

    4. Shortening every term possible.

    5. Referring to both the AFL and NRL as “footy”.


    6. Going on a midnight Macca’s run.

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    7. Telling any foreigners to watch out for drop bears.

    8. Having a definite opinion over which is better, Sydney or Melbourne.

    9. But conveniently ignoring every other capital city.

    10. Loading up the car boot after a trip to Uncle Dan’s.

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    11. Blowing up a goon bag and using it as a pillow.

    12. Finishing all government ads with your own monotonous “authorisedbytheaustraliangovernmentcanberra”.


    13. Understanding the suspense of whether the arch, circle, or square window would be picked.


    14. Dodging all trees that could possibly be home to an evil magpie.

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    15. Sticking your head in the freezer to cool down on a hot summer’s day.

    16. Arguing over whether it’s truly cake or scallop.

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    17. Hearing The Good Guys theme song and having it in your head for the rest of the night.

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    18. Shouting “Marge, the rains are ‘ere” every time it starts raining.


    19. Falling asleep only to hear a high-pitched mozzie in your room.


    20. Spraying any insect while singing “more smart, more safe, Morteeeein”.


    21. Arguing over whether the tomato sauce belongs in the cupboard or freezer.

    22. Mocking a New Zealand accent.

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    23. Thinking you can duck outside without wearing thongs and burning your feet on the pavement.

    Newmarket Films

    24. Thinking the term "youse" is totally acceptable.

    25. Yelling out, “nice fucking indicator dickhead!" pretty much every time you’re driving.

    26. Failing to protect your hot chips from a bunch of cunty seagulls.


    27. And always, always being prepared for all sorts of weather.

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