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    13 Ways Australians Use The Word C*nt

    It’s a term of endearment. Trust us. NSFW: Because the c-word.

    1. As a greeting.

    2. To describe a random to your friend.

    3. To jokingly insult a friend after they do something stupid.

    4. To seriously insult someone after they do something stupid.

    5. To explain a bad thing that someone did.

    6. To preface your annoyance.

    "Look cunt, I'm going to politely say this once..."

    7. To let someone know they need to chill out.

    8. To fondly beckon a friend.

    9. As a term of endearment.

    10. Or to be complimentary.

    11. To exclaim shock...

    12. ...or to disagree with someone.

    13. And to say goodbye.

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