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    19 Things You Know If You're Always Fucking Hungry

    TFW you're excited for dinner at 7:30am.

    1. There's nothing more satisfying to you than a full stomach...

    2. ...but it always seems to last for only 10 minutes before you need to satisfy yourself again.

    3. No matter what emotion you're experiencing, you always have room for food.

    4. And meal planning is the one constant thing on your mind.

    5. Your body clock looks something like this.

    6. And sometimes you do have an identity crisis.

    Instagram: @andthentherewase / Via

    7. You have no time for people's ridiculous questions.

    8. Because if they even knew you at all, they'd know what's on your mind.

    9. And new people in your life quickly realise what you're all about.

    10. It's hard for you to think about the future...

    Instagram: wholesomestef / Via

    11. ...unless it's literally to do with food.

    12. And you maybe tend to fantasise a little bit too much.

    Instagram: aliceleighx / Via

    13. Even if you adequately prepare your stomach for the day ahead...

    14. never seems to be quite enough.

    15. And every hour you feel yourself start to fade away even more.

    Instagram: torileanne522 / Via

    16. You tend to be a little overdramatic when you're hungry.


    17. But you're also good at figuring out a backup plan.

    Facebook / Via

    18. All in all, it's pretty simple what you want in life...

    Instagram: @maro_ronfa / Via

    19. ...and food always tends to fix most things for you.

    Instagram: @alice22rose / Via

    Never πŸ‘ let πŸ‘ your πŸ‘ S.O. πŸ‘ go πŸ‘ hangry.

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