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    Here’s What Happened In Episode 10 Of “The Bachelor” Australia In 90 Seconds Or Less

    It effectively killed everyone's chocolate cravings.

    Didn’t catch Episode 10 of The Bachelor Australia? Never fear! Here's what happened in 90 seconds or less.

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    Start your watches!

    The Single Date:

    Network 10

    As a mum Alex got the single date. She can’t believe Richie’s picked her up in his Ferrari which is 100% not his, but she didn't seem to realise. They walk into a kitchen that looks like something out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and SURPRISE, they had to make chocolate that represents the other person. So hopefully Alex makes Richie a block of milk chocolate to represent the fact he's boring AF.

    They decide to then have a chocolate bath, which seems so horrifically unhygienic, but alas, it got worse. They then had a big ol' makeout sesh in the chocolate tub, and now unfortunately I never ever want to eat chocolate again. Guys, I don't have enough words to describe how uncomfortable I felt watching THIS WHOLE DATE. DID I MENTION I’M NEVER EATING CHOCOLATE AGAIN?!

    The Group Date:

    Network 10

    For some unknown reason, the group date was Scottish-themed? The girls attempted to throw logs to get Richie's attention, but if that wasn't bad enough, they then had to force Haggis down their throats. The only saving grace of this was that Richie had to also eat it, so yay for #equality. That being said, it was still slightly less sickening than the chocolate bath, which says a lot.

    Richie took Sarah away for some private time and she got so nervous, every time he asked a question she just answered, "I'm trying to think!" Maybe she wasn't nervous... maybe she was just trying to figure out why the hell she thought it'd be a good idea to be on this show.

    The Cocktail Party:

    Network 10

    "Yeah cool, dresses, colours, fantastic!" Richie entered the cocktail party and took Kiki away, while Sarah freaked out about not being able to think. Sarah kept freaking out about the lack of thoughts in her heard, while Richie whisked Olena off and demanded she express her feelings better. Olena kinda looked like she was shooting daggers from her eyes, which was basically the highlight of this episode.

    Honestly, where is Keira when you need her.

    The Rose Ceremony:

    Network 10

    Osher came and explained that one of the girls WOULD leave the mansion tonight, and they all looked suitably shocked. To no one's surprise, Sarah got booted. Hopefully she finds her dirt-bike riding lover one day, who doesn't force her to eat Haggis and use pitchforks to throw things. ❤️

    Did I mention I'm never eating chocolate again?

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