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The Definitive Ranking Of Silverchair Singles

This was nearly impossible.

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18. "Reflections of a Sound"

Youtube: SilverchairVEVO

Young Modern took Silverchair into a completely different sound from anything else they ever experimented with, and this song perfectly sums that up. While a good track for the album, when you compare it to the plethora of fantastic songs the band has released, it's not at the top.


13. "After All These Years"

This was the kind of song that made you just so happy that Daniel Johns and Silverchair made it through the tougher times and still delivered absolutely beautiful music. The live version with just Johns' vocals and the piano is amazing.

12. "Abuse Me"

Youtube: SilverchairVEVO

The song hits its peak in the two minute mark but compared to their harder, grungier songs it doesn't fare as brightly. Still, there's bucketloads of musical talent within the song and the lyrics, considering the band were still teens when this was released.

10. "Pure Massacre"

Youtube: SilverchairVEVO

Sometimes, regardless of the modern musical brilliance of the later albums, you need to revert back to the angsty, grunge music that made you first fall in love with the band.

9. "The Greatest View"

Youtube: SilverchairVEVO

Opening on heavier guitars, the song showcases the change into a mature rock sound, with more complex song structures. Moving completely away from the post-grunge sound, it absolutely proved Silverchair's epic musical diversity.


6. "Straight Lines"

Youtube: SilverchairVEVO

"Straight Lines" is a fucking good song and anyone who says it's not, obviously can't deal with change and are stuck in Silverchair's Frogstomp era. Which let's be real, isn't a bad place to be, but also it's time to acknowledge these guys can rarely do anything wrong.

5. "Miss You Love"

Youtube: SilverchairVEVO

"Miss You Love" was a song that totally captured the band's ability to deliver softer, more melodic songs, that still retain that little bit of hard rock and angst. A personal song, the lyrics deal with Johns' battle with depression.

3. "Ana's Song" (Open Fire)

Youtube: SilverchairVEVO

Perhaps the most raw, personal song of Silverchair's timespan, "Ana's Song" is a haunting depiction of Daniel Johns' battle with anorexia. The pure emotion in the song is guaranteed to blow you away.

2. "Freak"

Youtube: SilverchairVEVO

"Freak" is every misunderstood '90s kid's anthem and a song that definitely put Silverchair on the international map. Catchy as all hell and a complete fist pumping anthem.

1. "Tomorrow"

Youtube: Silverchair VEVO

It was their first ever release and it rocketed to number one on the charts. Taking into account their age at the time (they recorded the track at 15 years of age), the lyrics, instrumental work and vocals are completely mind-blowing.


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