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    27 Tweets That Will Make All Introverts Say "That's Definitely Me"

    "Ugh, that's so me." – you, reading these tweets

    1. When you're made to introduce yourself:

    "stand up and introduce yourse-" #confessionsofanintrovert

    2. When you definitely know how to fill in your holiday breaks:

    "Who did you hang out with during the school holidays?" #confessionsofanintrovert

    3. When you finally make it to the end of a social occasion:

    When unwanted company finally leaves #confessionsofanintrovert

    4. When people really don't know what's on your mind:

    everyone thinking you're quiet and innocent but on the inside you're shady and evil asf #confessionsofanintrovert

    5. When the most dreaded time of the year rolls around:

    when it's your birthday & everyone starts to sing but you don't know how to react #confessionsofanintrovert

    6. When people ask you to speak up:

    when people are constantly down ur throat for being quiet or not speaking loud enough #confessionsofanintrovert

    7. When you arrive to anything social but you're not quite prepared enough:

    When u get to a party and immediately want to leave because u feel completely overwhelmed. #confessionsofanintrovert

    8. So you just cling on to the one person you know for safety:

    When you're at a party and you only know one person #ConfessionsOfAnIntrovert

    9. When you're sometimes a little too awkward:

    #confessionsofanintrovert when someone has the same interests as you but you don't know how to start a friendship

    10. When someone's at the door but you're the only one home:

    When I see the mailman about to ring the doorbell. #confessionsofanintrovert

    11. When you know it's your turn to speak soon but you have to mentally prepare yourself:

    Mentally preparing yourself to say "here" when the teacher does the attendance #confessionsofanintrovert

    12. When people demand you to contribute more, but you're just like, "fuck off":

    #confessionsofanintrovert every school report said "they need to contribute to class discussions more"

    13. When people get the wrong idea about you:

    People thinking you're stuck up/mean because you don't say much but really you're just shy #confessionsofanintrovert

    14. When you still find encounters with strangers awkward, no matter how old you are:

    #confessionsofanintrovert *at a restaurant* me: tell them what i want my mom: no, you're old enough to order me:

    15. When you don't have to deal with cashiers:

    when there are self-checkouts available #ConfessionsOfAnIntrovert

    16. When this happens on an everyday basis:

    Everyone: "Please talk" Me: *talks* Me: *gets ignored* *gets interrupted* #confessionsofanintrovert

    17. When the most dreaded moment in a lecture, meeting, or class happens:

    Teacher:If no one answers I'll pick someone *looks in my direction* Me: #ConfessionsOfAnIntrovert

    18. When you're hanging out with your friend but they run into people they know:

    #ConfessionsOfAnIntrovert when your only friend bumps into someone they know and you have to stand there awkwardly

    19. When you organise something for once in your life, then immediately regret it:

    Inviting people over and then regretting it 10 seconds later #confessionsofanintrovert

    20. When you know you're great behind a screen, but need to work on your real-life delivery:

    #confessionsofanintrovert Being really funny and witty over texts and then becoming a mumbling mess as soon as you're outside

    21. When your neutral face expression puts people off:

    When people always ask you "whats wrong" or " are you okay " #ConfessionsOfAnIntrovert

    22. When your plans are cancelled and it's like a weight off your shoulders:

    when you finally make plans, dread it, and they cancel on you so you're guilt free! #confessionsofanintrovert

    23. When someone asks to call you and you're like, "Have you heard of email though???":

    24. When people get the wrong first impression because you're an observer, not a talker:

    #confessionsofanintrovert when you meet me for the first time vs when you know me well

    25. When you know how to have a great time by yourself:

    #confessionsofanintrovert Friend: "You're so boring you never wanna go out, all you do is stay home" Me at home:

    26. When the reality of it all is, being super social can just drain you:

    even though i appear to be a social butterfly and shine in public spaces, it zaps ALL of my energy #confessionsofanintrovert

    27. And when you finish reading all these tweets and realise how goddamn relatable they all are:

    realizing that you relate to EVERY SINGLE tweet on #confessionsofanintrovert

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