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    25 Things You'll Understand If The Thought Of Dating Freaks You The Fuck Out

    Sorry I didn't write back to your text, it freaked me out.

    1. You find the whole process of dating exhausting.

    2. It's confusing because you may get along with someone perfectly well, but something in your brain then sabotages it.

    3. Or you might like them, but you just don't see yourself falling in love with them.

    4. In fact, sometimes you have to stop and weigh up if you've even properly been in love before.

    5. It turns out people don't understand what you mean when you say that you don't fall for people easily.

    6. And if you're honest with someone about it on a date, they either think you just want to get laid...

    7. ... or they take it upon themselves to try and "fix" you, like you're some weird, challenge they've never come across in their lives.

    8. Like they get really, really convinced they're going to be the person who will change your mind about falling in love.

    9. But most of the time, they soon realise you weren't kidding around, and then cut contact with you when your feelings don't develop as quickly.

    10. So then you're kinda sad, because you feel like you've lost a friend.

    11. And then you're back to square one, and have to go through the whole process again.

    12. Because it's not like you don't want to date or maybe even develop a crush – it's just that feelings seem to take a LOT longer for you.

    13. So then you get wildly paranoid about leading people on, even though you know you need to give yourself time to fall for someone.

    14. Though sometimes you get hit with the cold, hard realisation that you just won't fall for someone. Then you have to end it out of what seems like nowhere, and look like a cold-hearted bitch.

    15. You have a very low tolerance to anyone that may come across as too pushy, especially if you've tried to explain to them what you're like.

    “Ugh I really like talking to this boy he is so sweet and cute” *2 days later* Me:

    16. And if they come on too strong, too soon, it'll 100% send you into some sort of freakout.

    17. Which means it's basically over before it began.

    18. You're sometimes envious when you hear your friends talk about their new crush or partner, because of how freely they can just fall for someone.

    19. But at the same time, it all sounds exhausting and confusing to you.

    20. Seriously, who can feel things that easily and quickly?

    21. Most of the time you don't even tell your friends if you're talking to anyone of interest, because you know it probably won't last long enough for them to meet the person.

    22. Of course there are times when you're watching a TV show or movie, and wish you could just find someone that makes you feel... something.

    23. If you're older than 25, you've gotten to the stage where you've convinced yourself a life alone is really not that bad of a concept.

    24. On the plus side, when you meet people like yourself, it's a lot easier knowing you're not completely unusual.

    25. And who knows, maybe you just haven't met the RIGHT person yet.