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    17 Jamie Dornan Moments That Show He's Actually Funny AF

    Fifty Shades of Jamie.

    1. When he was talking about the sex scenes in Fifty Shades and described his, uh, covering like this:

    2. But then quickly tried to clear it up, as "wee" is a descriptive word for small in Ireland...

    3. ...and decided to elaborate further:

    4. When Jamie and James Corden took role-playing to a whole new level:

    5. When he was talking about filming Fifty Shades Darker and described it like this:

    6. When he demonstrated how his "sexy" James Bond moment actually looked when filming:

    7. And when he told a story about gluing fake pubes to himself as a teenager in front of Dame Helen Mirren:

    8. To which she asked:

    9. And he replied:

    10. When he explained why he puts on an American accent when ordering In-N-Out:

    11. When he asked Dakota Johnson if she was comfortable watching herself on the big screen, and they had this exchange:

    12. When Graham Norton introduced Jamie to a life-sized Christian Grey cake, and made him eat the abs:

    13. And Jamie had just one question for the maker of the cake:

    14. When he had the opposite of Christian's cool demeanor and said he panics when fans approach him while quoting Fifty Shades lines:

    15. And when he gave this reason as to why his wife, Amelia, hasn't seen the movies:

    16. When he and Ellen acted out a whole new scene for Fifty Shades and were struggling to keep straight faces:

    17. And when he described fans of the Fifty Shades franchise like this: