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    17 Things Girls Under 5'2" Definitely Can't Get Away With

    What do you mean there's a shallow end?

    1. You can never find pants that will fit perfectly.

    2. In fact, you can't buy anything full-length that won't need to be altered.

    3. You can't reach things on the top shelf of the supermarket without doing some climbing.

    4. You can't comfortably stand on public transport and grip the support, because it's too fucking high.

    5. And you sure as hell can't stand with ease in a swimming pool... even in the shallow end.

    6. You can't get a clear view at any concert.

    7. You can't take that perfect mirror selfie because you can't see shit.

    8. And you definitely can't be in charge of the group selfie.

    9. You can't sit down and have your feet touching the ground.

    10. You can't move the car seat from this position, because your legs won't reach the pedals.

    11. And you definitely can't reap the benefits of your visor.

    12. You can't adjust the shower head because some fucking giant installed it.

    13. You can't find shoes or heels you want in the adult section because your feet are (probably) too small.

    14. You can't walk in crowded streets without people running into you and being all, "wow sorry I didn't see you there!"

    15. You can't meet someone without them saying something stupid like, "wow you're short", or "oh you're shorter than what I thought".

    16. You can't complain about anything, because someone will just say "you're cute when you're mad", and it's honestly so annoying.

    17. And you can't write a post like this without tall people coming in being like, "WELL BEING TALL IS HARDER!!!"