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A Day In The Life Of An Indecisive Person

I don't know what to say here.

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You get up to one of your three alarms.

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7:15 am - Just in case you wanted to get up earlier to make your own breakfast.

7:30 am - Just in case you wanted to sleep a little longer.

8:00 am - Just in case you had a rough night and need way more extra zzzz's.

You spend a further five minutes debating if you want breakfast, whether you even have time for it, or if you should grab something on the way to work.


By the time you decide to get it on the way to work (like you do every single other morning) you could have prepared and ate your goddamn breakfast.

You walk up and down the station platform trying to decide which carriage on the train will be the least crowded.

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Before once again settling on the same carriage you get on every single day.


Late afternoon, your friend texts you to see if you're still on for the movies, and utters this dreaded phrase: "You can pick what we see!"


They think they're being generous, but instead they've sent you into full on panic mode. What if the movie you pick is really bad?!


Once you get there, you can't decide if you want a drink with dinner or if you should try and be ~good ~.


98% of the time you already know the answer, but you just can't help being so damn indecisive.

Just when you think all your decision making is over for the night, you head to the movies only to be faced with the candy bar.

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Popcorn or choc top? Is having both too greedy? Do I even need anything else? Dinner was pretty filling. Can you even watch a movie without eating candy? Maybe I should just buy a lollipop.