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    26 Things That Only People In Their Mid-Twenties Will Understand

    When you're looking for an adult then realise you are an adult.

    1. When you realise you no longer classify as being in your early twenties:

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    2. And you're ready for the aging process to just stop:

    3. When you try to come to terms with being a fully grown adult:

    4. And there's just no way on earth you ever feel old enough:

    5. When you still feel young at heart, but then teens confuse the fuck outta you:

    6. When you start referring to anyone under the age of 20 like this:

    7. When you feel like you need a little guidance:

    8. When everyone around you is getting engaged:

    9. When you start to realise what true accomplishments are:

    10. When your responsibilities grow:

    11. And it all just gets too much:

    12. When you realise there's no place like home:

    13. When you'd rather just order takeaway and watch Netflix, instead of attending social activities:


    14. When you realise your teen goals were wildly unrealistic:

    15. When people start asking the dreaded questions as soon as you hit 25:

    16. When you see people with their shit together:


    17. When you hit that new bracket:

    18. When this statement was so accurate it hurt:

    19. When the only mail you get is wedding invites and bills:


    20. When all of a sudden everyone has grown up faster than you:

    21. When people expect YOU to be having children soon:


    22. When your internal debates change significantly:

    23. And when your choices also start to change:

    24. When people ask what you want for special occasions:

    25. When Adele hit the nail on the head:

    26. And when you realise you're starting to care less and less what people think about you:

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