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The Definitive Ranking Of Male Doctors On "Grey's Anatomy"

Uh-huh honey.

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13. Dr. Charles Percy

Dr. Charles Percy was introduced as part of the Seattle Grace and Mercy West hospital merger. He came across as a bit of a dickhead to start with, but eventually became an accepted, if not boring, part of the hospital bustle. However, his death (after being shot) didn't cause too many emotional ripples along the hallways. Carry on as normal folks.


10. Dr. Finn Dandridge

Dr. Finn Dandrige was a welcome part of eye-candy during the ongoing and never-ending struggle of Meredith and Derek's "will they or won't they" saga. Dating Meredith throughout season two and three, Finn, is eventually dumped because Meredith and Derek can't keep it in their pants as per usual. At least he has his pets to keep him warm.

9. Dr. Richard Webber

Richard is one of the longest serving doctors at the Seattle Grace / Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. From his torrid affair with Meredith's mother, to his battles with alcoholism, the loss of his wife and the realisation he has a love child, life hasn't been exactly easy for the former Chief. Nevertheless his caring attitude and warm smile has made him a much-loved character.

8. Dr. Owen Hunt

Owen is a damaged, tortured soul, but his persistence to work through his struggles and still remain (mostly) level-headed has made him a fan favourite. Cristina and Owen may have been star-crossed lovers, but we all secretly hope that Owen will fall in love again and have many cute, dimpled, ginger-haired babies.

7. Dr. Ben Warren

With his cheeky smile and obvious love for the fiesty Miranda Bailey, Ben has been a welcome distraction to the ongoing drama of the hospital. He may be teased amongst the other surgical interns, but he'll forever be teasing our hearts.


4. Dr. Derek Sheperd

Derek has the brains, he has the incredible good looks, he has the perfectly pushed back hair and glistening smile... there's a reason they call him McDreamy. Besides, admiring his good looks is a nice distraction to whatever repetitive drama he has going on with Meredith.

3. Dr. Alex Karev

Who doesn't love a reformed bad boy? Karev hasn't let his past define him, rising from a poor background to become an incredible surgeon. His snarky sense of humour, brooding stare and cheeky smile have all patients (and interns) hooked.

1. Dr. Mark Sloan

Forget McDreamy. It's when McSteamy (aka Mark Sloan) was introduced that things really began heating up on Grey's Anatomy. With the body of a God and the smile that could light up a room, Mark Sloan went from being the disloyal best friend of Derek Sheperd to an absolute fan favourite. Many hearts still haven't recovered from his untimely death. RIP McSteamy.