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17 Reasons Goon Is The Best Beverage Ever

Happy 50th goon. Thanks for being deliciously versatile.

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This year the wondrous, evolutionary, delicious Australian staple - the goon sack - is turning 50.

It's time to celebrate what makes goon so bloody fantastic.

2. It goes with a variety of mixers.

If you're too weak to drink it straight, try it with orange juice, cordial or lemonade. The options are endless.


3. Or you can make a delicious goon punch.

Disclaimer: side-effects may include significant lack of memory the next day.

4. You can play super fun games like Goon of Fortune.

5. And forget boats, all you need to float is a goon raft.

6. Alternatively, it's an easy drink to take out on the water with you.

Quench that thirst.


8. And an empty bag also makes for a highly comfortable pillow.

10. Goon can be a very romantic present for your bae.

11. And it's perfect for non-domestic people - you don't even need to buy glasses or cups to drink from it.

The goon sack saves you valuable washing up time.

11. Goon can also double up as a handbag...

So versatile!

12. ... A fashionable costume idea...

13. ...Or just your everyday attire.

14. Not to mention, it's also a trendy looking hat option.

15. Sometimes dreams really do come true.

16. And images like this make you proud to be Australian.

17. Goon. Not just a drink - but a way of life.