It's Definitely Time To Talk About How Nancy Botwin Was The Absolute Worst

    God, I loved to hate Nancy.

    As far as dark comedies go, Weeds was pretty up there back in the day.

    It had the drama, it had the jokes, it had a great cast.

    But that's not what I'm here to talk to you about. I'm here to talk to you about Nancy fucking Botwin.

    Nancy Botwin is single handedly the worst mom ever lmao

    Nancy started off great. Just a small-time weed dealer, just a single mom trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

    We all were cheering for her, even when her antics were a little ridiculous. She was just trying to get by.

    But gradually, over time, she morphed into Nancy 2.0: A selfish, manipulative, entitled woman who was barely recognisable anymore.

    I get it. It's a fictional show, characters are made to be flawed, and that's where the drama is, etc..

    Nancy Botwin: hands-down absolute worst character in all of television series history.

    But goddamn it was still frustrating to watch Nancy fuck things up ALL THE TIME, even if Mary-Louise Parker did an incredible job of playing her.

    The most annoying part was the fact that Nancy rarely took any ownership of when things went wrong. There was not even the slightest awareness that she had fucked people over and negatively impacted her family.


    She just acted vaguely surprised when people hated her.

    She fucked up her children.

    Don't even get me started on how much she fucked over Andy.

    Her sense of loyalty was... questionable at the best of times.

    And yet every time she fucked up on her own accord, she played victim and acted like she had continued on the road of drug dealing just to "provide" for her family.

    Despite it all, the show was still so goddamn addictive. And Nancy and her terrible ways played a huge part in that.

    Re-watching Weeds and I forgot how much I both hate and really want to BE Nancy Botwin.

    In fact, hating Nancy just became a regular part of the show.

    If you watch weeds and you don't hate Nancy Botwin, are you really watching weeds?

    Let's tune in this week to see how Nancy fucks over her three sons, brother-in-law, friends, business, and everything else she touches.

    But you're lying if you say you never wanted to throw her dumb, slurpy drink right in her face.

    So, thanks Nancy Botwin for being the worst TV character to ever exist.