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    Updated on 31 Aug 2020. Posted on 26 Jun 2015

    17 Life Hacks From Tumblr That Are Actually Kinda Genius

    No seriously, there's some great ones.

    1. This motivational way to save money.

    2. As well as this hugely handy travel hack.

    3. This useful washing up hack.

    4. If you struggle carrying all your groceries - struggle NO MORE.

    5. Always losing your charger? Take note of this.

    6. And just in case you didn't know...

    7. If you want a safer place to keep your headphones, you could always try this.

    8. If you're struggling for garden space in your place, this handy trick can spruce up your outdoor walls.

    9. Or put your broken pot plants to good use.

    10. Pool party time? Look no further.

    11. And try this next time you're badly sunburnt.

    12. Never forget this deliciously important life hack.

    13. Now it's easier to bake your love.

    14. And brighten up your dining room table like so.

    15. Make your glasses case even more useful.

    16. Always remember how important this is.

    17. And, well... who are we to judge?

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