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19 Basic Struggles Of Being An Aussie

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

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1. You never know if anywhere you go is safe.

2. And the weather can never make up its goddamn mind.

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Facebook: perthweatherlive

3. Nothing you say ever sounds classy because of the accent.


4. Too often your name is turned into some weird Aussie slang word. Or otherwise you're just called "mate."

5. No matter how hard we try to convince them, New Zealand will not let us claim the pavlova as our own. / Common Creatives

6. We have to accept that this man in budgy smugglers is our nation's leader.

Craig Golding / Getty Images

7. You finally get Netflix only to find all your favourite international shows aren't on it anyway.


8. Not to mention having slow internet that can't even handle Netflix.


9. When your favourite TV show has a new episode out, you have to actively avoid spoilers until the next day.

Warner Bros.

10. And this constantly pops up on videos you want to watch.

So offensive.

So offensive.

11. You try to buy things online only to be greeted with this:

12. When your favourite band is doing a "world tour", too often they seem to "accidentally" miss Australia.

detailed diagram of the problems I face as an Australian fan girl

13. Or if they do make it to our shores, they'll generally only frequent the eastern states.

14. Americans have an annoying tendency to try and correct your spelling.


Yes, we said "realise" and we meant to put the "s" there.

15. And foreigners tend to think all Aussies are good looking and good at surfing and beachy things.

It's just too much pressure to live up to.

It's just too much pressure to live up to.

16. When you want to go on a holiday, you have to travel FOREVER to get anywhere good.


Sometimes it actually takes less time to fly to America than Vietnam. True story.

17. And you're insanely jealous of other countries who get to have a White Christmas.

20th Century Fox

18. Not to mention trying to celebrate Halloween and everyone's like "LOL, what are you doing, we don't do this here."

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19. And being considered "Un-Australian" if you don't like Vegemite, Weet-Bix, Milo or anything else stereotypically "Australian."