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    Get Your Sleuth On — Apparently Adele Has A Secret Twitter Account

    And she doesn't mind a drunk tweet. I mean, same.

    So Adele has been touring Australia, and she recently let slip that she may just have a secret Twitter account.

    At her show in Brisbane, the singer made comments about the account, saying her management doesn't actually know about it.

    The reason behind her secret account? "I'm not allowed access to my own Twitter because I'm quite mouthy and I say the wrong thing a lot of the time. So they took that privilege away from me."

    The singer has revealed she was previously banned from her own profile by management due to her "drunk tweets".

    Needless to say, fans definitely wanna know where this secret account is hiding.

    Adele apparently has a secret twitter you know for damn sure that bitch is messy getting in drunk stan wars where you at girl @ me let's dm

    Apparently, @Adele has a secret twitter account. Time to put on my hunting hat. #adele #secrettwitter

    Omg just found out @Adele has a secret twitter account that she uses to drunk tweet haha I'm dying to find it now

    Adele has a secret twitter account for drunk tweeting. Adele is a genius.

    Honestly, what a queen.