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    "MasterChef" Australia Probably Just Served Up The Toughest Dessert Challenge Yet

    What on earth was THAT?!

    On tonight's finale episode of MasterChef, the judges presented Matt and Elena with what seemed like an IMPOSSIBLE dessert challenge.

    Twitter: @masterchefau

    No, it's not actually a hard-boiled egg on top of some Chang's crunchy noodles. You can find the recipe here.

    The dessert consisted of nearly 100 steps. NEARLY. ONE. HUNDRED.

    Who will crack under pressure re-creating Heston's Verjus in Egg. #MasterChefAU

    Of course, there were many jokes to be made by viewers at home.

    After successfully making the finale dessert I would like to announce that I will be entering #MasterChefAU

    But as the challenge came to an end, all our hearts broke for contestant Matt, when his egg.... cracked.

    Twitter: @masterchefau

    Our hearts cracked with it.


    What kind of devil came up with this idea?! / Creative Commons

    Heston, you are some kind of evil cooking genius.

    It looks so simple! 😂😂 #MasterChefAU

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