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    19 White Lies All College Students Tell Their Parents

    "Yes, I am super prepared for this exam."

    1. "No, I didn't drink that much last night."

    2. "I would have had only, like, three or four drinks."

    3. "I was definitely home early-ish...probably like 1am?"

    4. "Ha! My liver is so fine!"

    5. "Feeling great today!"

    6. "Yeah, of course I started the assignment a few weeks before it was due."

    7. "I've passed everything with flying colours so far!"

    8. "OK look, I didn't go great on this one assignment. But it was totally not my fault. The rest of the group sucked."

    9. "I'm super set for this exam next week."

    10. "Of course I'm eating healthy, balanced meals!"

    11. "Yes, I'm eating breakfast. Lot's of fruit too."

    12. "Yeah, my subjects are really interesting."

    13. "Sorry I can't come home this weekend, I have a lot of studying to do."

    14. "Uh-huh. I definitely make sure to clean my room at least once a week."

    15. "Yes, I am making sure I spend my money wisely."

    16. "Actually, can you lend me some money? I'll pay you back. I just want to buy some new textbooks."

    17. "Of course I'm looking for a job and not just living off Centrelink!"

    18. "Am I dating anyone? No! Trying to concentrate on my studies."

    19. "What am I doing now? Oh you know...just some university readings."