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Courtney Barnett Is On Obama's Summer Playlist Because She's a Bloody Legend

What a world.

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Overnight President Obama released his summer playlist, like, no biggie.

Been waiting to drop this: summer playlist, the encore. What's everybody listening to?

While there are many ~bangers~ on there, one thing in particular did stand out.

Twitter: @Potus

Yep, you got it, Obama listens to Courtney Barnett.

YouTube: milkrecordsmelbourne

And obviously fans are pretty damn proud.

Not stopping there with the southern hemisphere love, New Zealander Gin Wigmore also got a shoutout for her hit "Man Like That".

As a musician and a recently inducted American resident, I'd like to say thanks to my mate @BarackObama for this...🇺🇸

Great work Obama!


Listen to the playlist here!