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26 Songs That You'd Think Are 10 Years Old, But Were Actually Released In 1998

Oh god, how are these songs TWO decades old?

1. "The Boy Is Mine" – Monica and Brandy


I'd hope if this was ever made into a modern-day version, it'd actually just be about two women ditching some fuckboy and deciding to become besties instead.

2. "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" – Aerosmith


Look, I know it was for a movie, but it has always appeared to my childhood brain that Steve Tyler was singing this song about his daughter.

3. "Closing Time" – Semisonic


Though the song is normally played to get people the fuck out of the pub, it's actually been cited as a song inspired by Dan Wilson's impending fatherhood.

4. "...Baby One More Time" – Britney Spears


That school uniform will never not be iconic.

5. "One Week" – Barenaked Ladies


When looking up this song again, I found this very intense Reddit thread where the person dissected that the song was about a bloke murdering his girlfriend, and now it's all I think about.

6. "C'Est La Vie" – B*Witched

Epic / Via

"Do you play with the girls, play with the boys?

Do you ever get lonely playing with your toys?"

These lyrics really have a whole new meaning when you listen to this song as an adult.

7. "This Kiss" – Faith Hill

Warner Bros.

I mean, if you like love and stuff, this song is still nice.

8. "When You Believe" – Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston


They're smiling at each other, but I think they low-key hated each other too.

9. "When The Lights Go Out" – Five

BMG Records

Fuuuuuuck, this is so much worse than I even remembered and I still love every second of it.

10. "Fly Away" – Lenny Kravitz


Lenny Kravitz is still cool. This song is still cool. I don't care what you say.

11. "When You're Gone" – Bryan Adams ft. Mel C


Guys, there is also a 2005 version of this song with Pamela Anderson. WTF?

12. "Finally Found" – Honeyz


This song probably made your tender, childhood heart believe in true luv.

13. "Believe" – Cher

Warner Bros.


14. "Every You Every Me" – Placebo

Virgin Records / Via

Hands up if you knew this song because you played some F1 Formula Racing game on PlayStation One?

Just me? OK then.

15. "Iris" – Goo Goo Dolls

Warner Bros.

I love this song, but he needs to leave those telescopes alone.

16. "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" – The Offspring


It's that song you're 100% guaranteed to still know all the lyrics to.

17. "Save Tonight" – Eagle-Eye Cherry


See, there are some songs I remember SO vividly considering they are 20 years old... and this is one that I just assume my mum probably liked.

18. "Doo Wop (That Thing)" – Lauryn Hill


Fun fact: Hill became the first woman since Debbie Gibson in 1989, to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts with a song she wrote, recorded, and produced on her own.

19. "Shimmer" – Fuel



20. "Teardrop" – Massive Attack


It's OK if you really only identify this song with the very strange video clip.

21. "Too Close" – Next


And I betcha didn't even realise how dirty the lyrics actually were in the '90s.

22. "We Like To Party" – Vengaboys


"WE LIKE TO PARTY! WE LIKE, WE LIKE TO PARTY!" – I defiantly bellowed as an eight-year-old.

23. "You Get What You Give" – The New Radicals

MCA Records

It may have been a one-hit wonder for the band, but what an absolute banger.

24. "Frozen" – Madonna


This is Madonna at her best. No disagreements allowed.

25. "I Want You Back" – NSYNC


OK, so technically it was released in 1996 in Germany of all places. But it made its way to the UK and US in 1998. Fun fact: The song was originally meant to be recorded by The Backstreet Boys.

26. "La Copa de la Vida (The Cup Of Life)" – Ricky Martin


Who could ever forget this FIFA world cup anthem?

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