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27 Hilarious Tweets About Growing Up In Australia

"The Great Wall of China was built to keep the rabbits out."

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1. Holidays were a little different Down Under:

2. And it kinda felt like the movies were lying to you:

3. Meanwhile your Christmas carols sounded like this:

4. The TV shows you grew up watching were highly questionable:

5. And not always totally appropriate:

6. Thongs 100% counted as sports shoes:

Only in Australia... #Australian #Aussie #straya #meanwhileinaustralia #growingupaustralian

7. And this was a real hardship:

8. This school rule was the WORST:

9. You were educated from a young age:

10. Like, really educated:

11. Primary school classes in Australia could really take on a strange turn:

12. And school responsibilities often turned weird:

13. While this was just a standard lunchtime procedure with your friends:

14. You've definitely, 100% done this before on a hot day:

15. Because drinking out of the hose probably provided cooler water than drinking out of a tap at times:

16. Sometimes traumatic experiences in your childhood just couldn't be predicted nor stopped:

17. And for some unknown reason a possum was the authority on your bed time????

18. This will be forever burned into your brain:

19. I mean, really, a lot of our ads were questionable:

20. This was the real fairytale we were all invested in:

"You look so hot today Rhonda" #GrowingUpAustralian

21. And forget spiders, certain personalities on TV had the power to terrify you:

22. Your mum probably had a habit of switching over to this ~news~ instead of letting you watch Home and Away:

23. This was the only boy band you ever needed:

24. And Jeff was definitely our kindred spirit:

25. Growing up in Australia meant you knew no one ever really said "G'day, mate!":

#GrowingUpAustralian Non Australian: G'DAYY MATEE Me:

26. While some problems still affect us to this very day:

27. And if we're being honest with ourselves, do we still even know the second verse?