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Cate Blanchett Slams Media Again Over Questions About Her Sexual Orientation

"There are no holds barred about asking me whether I’ve had relationships with women. "

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Earlier this year, Cate Blanchett blasted the media after her answer to an obscure question in an interview was taken out of context.

After starring in the movie Carol, Blanchett was asked if she ever had relationships with women, to which she responded, “Yes, many times."

Blanchett has once again had some strong words to say when the subject was brought up again, in an interview with The Guardian.

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"I also just played Mary Mapes, who's a journalist. No one asked me how long I'd been to journalism school. If I played someone who has an affair, I think a reporter would probably think twice before asking, 'Ooh, how many affairs have you had?' It would be a slightly delicate area."

Blanchett then hit it home with her final remarks on the matter.

"But there are no holds barred about asking me whether I've had relationships with women. And so I facetiously said, 'Oh yes, I've had many relationships with women' – because frankly, who hasn't? Of course I said it in inverted commas. But the inverted commas didn't make the page."

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