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17 Times Lincoln Younes Made You Incredibly Thirsty

We all know Aussie men are good looking... but then there's Lincoln.

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Hello. Meet Aussie actor Lincoln Younes.

He's best known for his roles playing Romeo Kovac in Tangle, Casey Braxton in Home and Away, Chris Vesty in Love Child... and let's not forget his role in making the world incredibly thirsty.

1. Not thirsty yet? This promo shot for his debut on Aussie drama Love Child might do it for you.

2. Still not convinced? How about this photo of him with an adorable puppy.

3. Or perhaps when his biceps cut this cake.

4. Look! He's reaching out for you.

5. Maybe this photo of him all scrubbed up is doing things for you.

6. Or perhaps you just think even his brain-freeze face is absolutely adorable.

7. Don't lie, you want to be there eating pizza with Lincoln too.

Or perhaps be that pizza, either one.

8. Still not sure? Maybe the longer-haired version of Lincoln is making you thirsty.

Or the vodka, either one.

9. Or maybe scotch drinking Lincoln is more your thing.

10. Don't act like you don't want to be in this pool right now.

11. Or under this waterfall.

12. This may be the only time you fantasise about being that monkey.

13. Wanna make like this snake and wrap yourself around him?

14. Maybe solemn, blonde Lincoln is making you thirstier.

15. Seriously, that stare has to be penetrating your soul.

16. Or maybe Lincoln in his rainbow daze is doing things to your eyes.

It could just be the rainbows tbh.

17. And if this isn't making you thirsty, then perhaps nothing will.