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    21 Things From The 2016 Logies You Didn't Seen On TV

    Karl spilling wine for one.

    1. Kurt Coleman posed for a selfie with Jesinta Campbell.

    2. And snapped himself with Patti and Lauren Newton.

    3. Karl spilled some red early on in the night.

    It's started already. Oops! So much for that glass of red!!!! #KarlIsOnHisWay #logies @TVWEEKmag

    4. Janet Roach found a logie in the form of Intern Pete.

    5. And Intern Pete made sure he mingled.

    6. Josh Thomas learned he should never leave his champagne behind.

    Hey @JoshThomas87 & @thomasward - @tigervsshark and I are drinking your champagne. It was going warm. #TVWEEKLogies

    7. Ada Nicodemou and Lynne McGranger celebrated their Logie win for Home and Away.

    8. Alec Snow and Demi Harman were total couple goals.

    9. Osher Günsberg got this cheeky pic of an unaware Sasha Mielczarek and Karl Stefanovic.

    10. And he also stole Shane Warne's seat at some stage.

    11. Speaking of Warney, he was up and about, taking this selfie with Dave Hughes.

    12. Waleed Aly smiled for the cameras with wife Susan Carland.

    13. Samantha Jade debuted her new hair cut with co-star Ada Nicodemou by her side.

    14. The Stenmark twins probably wondered why they were there, but gave big grins anyway.

    15. Carrie Bickmore showed off her cute Mother's Day present from her son Ollie.

    Who needs expensive jewellery to Logies when you can wear a plastic ring given to you on Mother's Day! Thanks Ollie

    16. The Studio 10 team gave us a glimpse at what the Logies food looked like.

    #Logies are about to begin. But first - food!

    17. While some of The Voice squad took this selfie.

    18. Patrick Brammall and Dan Wyllie took a cheeky snap.

    19. Gina Liano, Gamble Breaux, and Joel Creasy got cosy.

    20. Clare Bowditch snuggled up to Molly Meldrum.

    21. And Lee Lin Chin touched up like the glam queen she is.

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