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17 Things You'll Only Relate To If You're A Picky Eater Who Loves Food

Sure I don't like cheese, milk, tomatoes, bananas, and mayonnaise, BUT I LOVE FOOD OK?!

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1. You often eat before going out, in case the place you're going to doesn't have food you like...

3. And if you do try something you don't like, it's a convenient excuse to treat yourself later on.

"You deserve this ice cream for accidentally eating that bit of mushroom, you truly do."

4. Picking out ingredients you hate in a dish just means you have more room for dessert.


8. People will rarely try to steal your food, because they're too busy shaming you for being picky.

So more for you.


11. Sometimes the whole thing can actually be frustrating because you know you're missing out on foods others enjoy.


16. Once you find a food you love, you will love it for life.