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19 Things That Will Definitely Take Longer Than Updating Your Enrolment Details

Check your address and update your details while waiting for your coffee.

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1. Cooking two-minute noodles.


2. Brushing your teeth.


3. Making a coffee.


4. Waiting for some smashed avo toast.

5. Washing your hair.

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6. Untangling your headphones.


7. Getting a Fantale out of your teeth.

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8. The Game of Thrones intro.

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9. Taking off a full face of makeup.

Comedy Central

10. A rose ceremony on The Bachelor.

Network 10

11. Lining up at a Bunnings sausage sizzle.

12. Waiting for TS6 to drop.

She hasn't even announced the single name or the release date yet and the entire fandom has lost its chill. #TS6IsComing

14. Choosing what you want for dinner on Menulog or UberEats.


15. And waiting for that food to arrive.


16. Ad breaks of any TV show you're watching on free-to-air.

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17. Browsing for something to watch on Netflix.

18. All the time you spend procrastinating on social media.


19. Literally reading this list.

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