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    Posted on 27 Oct 2016

    Here's What We Learned From Speaking To "The Bachelorette" Australia Final Two

    No, they didn't tell us who wins.

    Tonight Georgia Love will declare her, ahem, love for one lucky dude in The Bachelorette finale.

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    We chatted to the final two, Matty Johnson and Lee Elliot, ahead of tonight's show.

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    "It's so exciting the finale is airing tonight," Matty J said. "It’s sad it’s all come to an end but I’m very excited in the next chapter to come."

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    On keeping the secret: "It’s been tricky keeping everything a secret especially after you’ve had a few drinks and you just want to start telling everyone! I’m not the best person at keeping secrets so I’m proud of myself for getting to this stage."

    On watching episodes back: "It’s been a bit of a double-edged sword watching the show back. At the start I really hated watching myself on TV. When you see the other guys being intimate, that’s the point where you need to switch channels."

    On falling in love with Georgia: "The boat date was really incredible. It was a full day together, we were together from six in the morning until 2am, so it was just so much fun from start to finish, and by far the best date I’ve ever been on. After that I was just like 'wow this is serious now'."

    On whether he'd do The Bachelor if he lost: "I don’t know. There’s such a huge expectation from viewers, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. I’m not sure I have what it takes... I think it’s a lot easier to be one of 16 guys, rather than being the one guy leading the show. I would probably play it safe and say no for now."

    "I am nervous, excited, and relieved for tonight," Lee said.

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    On keeping the secret: "I’ve had to keep how tonight plays out from those who I hold nearest and dearest. I’m looking forward to being able to open up to them."

    On watching episodes back: "I watched all the episodes, but what I haven’t watched are the single dates. I got to the point where I fell in love with this girl, I don’t then want to see her dating other guys! It’d be too tough. I’ve watched all our dates, and that’s the only story and journey I am interested in."

    On falling in love with Georgia: "Georgia is an amazing, strong, incredible woman. Going on these amazing dates, I did worry maybe I was getting caught up in it, but the moment where it really became true, and I realised my feelings were real, was when she came home to meet my family. And I sort of sat back and watched her and that’s when it all sunk in. I truly adore this woman."

    On whether he'd do The Bachelor if he lost: "At this point, my whole concentration, and my focus is on Georgia. I think that just lessens how I feel about Georgia if I even contemplated that. So no, I haven’t even given it a thought."

    1. Who do you think will be Georgia's choice?

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    Who do you think will be Georgia's choice?
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      Matty J has this in the bag!
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      Obviously it's going to be Lee.
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      I have no idea.

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