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    19 Struggles People Who Hate Cheese Constantly Face

    It's not easy not being cheesy.

    1. The harsh judgement from your peers.

    2. Seriously, people think you're really fucking weird.

    3. And there are always demanding questions about your "choice".

    4. Because it turns out everyone else on the planet loves cheese...

    5. ...but can't comprehend why you don't, so they go all Judge Judy on you.

    6. There are the frustrating times you order food and specifically ask for it without cheese and of course, it turns up, WITH LOADS OF DISGUSTING CHEESE.

    7. Then when you complain, you're made to feel like an overly precious, pathetic baby in an adult's body.

    8. Ever tried ordering a cheeseless pizza in peace?

    9. NO! Because there's no such thing as people NOT asking you questions about your "quirky" choice.

    10. Then there's that exciting time when it's a special occasion in the office, and there's cake...

    11. ...but it's a BLOODY CHEESECAKE.


    13. Even someone eating cheese near you is enough to turn your stomach.

    14. Because you don't want to be rude, but the smell can get all too much.

    15. And when you're out with friends and share entrées and most of the options come with cheese, you feel like a fucking terrible person for letting the team down.

    16. Ever been really hungry on the way to a party or event, and found out the only chips or hors d'oeuvres there were cheese-related?

    17. It's gut-wrenching.

    18. Because, try as you might, you just can't get on board the cheesy train.

    19. But hey, if it helps, you aren't the only one out there.