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23 Times Brendon Urie Made You Incredibly Thirsty

Brendon is a fever you can't sweat out.

1. When he just woke up like this.

2. When you're all like "yes, yes, I will give you a sign."

3. When you just couldn't even deal with how suave he was.

4. When you had no idea what he was doing, but you dug it anyway.

5. When he was the weirdest, but greatest person on Instagram.

6. When you were all "I'm ready too Brendon!!"

7. When he grew this strange little beard and somehow managed to make it work anyway.

8. When he did this:

9. When you couldn't say "wedding" fast enough.

10. When you were all about his dance moves.

11. When you wished you were his hand.

12. When the video for "Girls/Girls/Boys" came out.

13. When he made the most fabulous exit.

14. When he made a top hat seem surprisingly sexy.

15. When he was looking adorably pensive.

16. When you were all about "positive hardcore Thursday."

17. When you were like "YAAASSSS."

18. When P!ATD went all Beatles-esque but you loved it.

19. When you found this funnier than what it should be.

20. When this was just all your fantasies come true.

21. When you wished you were part of the joke.

22. This.

23. And when you were all about his raw, acoustic talent.

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