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Watch Blake Lively Describe Her Daughter's Accidental Cursing Habit

"It's like I have Amy Schumer as a daughter!"

Blake Lively blessed The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with her presence recently, and shared a hilariously cute story about her daughter James.

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"It's kind of amazing, she knows a lot of words," Lively told the audience. "She says 'schump' for jump, and if she wants to sit down, well... it's 'shit'."


Lively also stated James doesn't necessarily stop at just mispronouncing "sit".


"When we take her to the park and take off her socks... for some reason she doesn't have a 'sch' for socks, she has a 'c'."

Yep. James says cocks instead of socks.

Lively also talked about her second pregnancy, saying it should be "illegal to be pregnant in New York in July".


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