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17 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Doing The Beep Test

What did I do to deserve this?!

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1. Denial.


It's beep test day. The worst day of the semester.

2. Scheming.

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It's time to try and come up with your best excuse to try and get out of the dreaded experience.

3. Dread.


Seriously, are the teachers trying to torture EVERYONE?

4. Procrastination.

"If I just... stay in maths... a little while longer..."

"If I just... stay in maths... a little while longer..."

5. Stress.


The time is growing ever so closer.

6. Helplessness.


Two people from your class are already warming up beds in the nurses office. You'd just look suss if you pulled out now.

7. Grudging acceptance.

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You haven't been able to get conveniently sick in time. Bummer.

8. A momentary feeling of "I CAN DO THIS!"

You faced the facts and you're starting to feel a little bit ready for it.

9. Competitiveness.


It comes out just in time. You need to beat at least a couple people from your class.

10. Pride.

The Weinstein Company
The Weinstein Company

Look at you do the thing! You're running and potentially not even hating it.

11. Weariness.

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It's only level three. WTF is this torture.

12. Indecisiveness.


Is it too early to pull out?

13. The inner battle.

Should you pull out? Will you be judged? Can you maybe make it to the next level?

14. Panic.


No seriously, do you just pull out yet? Will you even get to the line before the next beep?!

15. Certainty.


It's time to go.

16. Happiness.

You did it. You're a champion.

17. Pain.


Go treat yo'self.