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18 Things That Happen To All Twentysomethings In Their First Relationship

Every month is a celebration.

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1. You constantly congratulate yourself on being so mature.


"Look at me adult. Look at me and my S.O. being all awesome and faithful and great together. Well done me."

2. And you definitely love that honeymoon period.


OK, so you used to judge people for holding hands walking down the street. Now you are that person.

3. It takes you a few weeks to get used to sharing a bed.

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Is it necessary to take up the whole bed, do I even get a quarter of my side, WTF is happening?!

4. And a good few months to say the words "my boyfriend / girlfriend" without feeling like an imposter.


"Yes uh I'll bring John my uh person."

5. It's the first time someone can touch you with their feet and you don't feel the urge to vomit.


Or do things you don't usually like, such as touch your neck or tickle you.

6. And you love that feeling of being so comfortable around another human.

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Especially when you wake up in the morning and DGAF about how your hair looks.

7. You adore the fact you'll always have someone to spend your weekend with.


Even if it's just snuggling on the lounge watching Netflix.

8. And someone to permanently whinge to about trivial life issues.


They're your person. They (unfortunately) have to listen.

9. Reaching six months is definitely something to celebrate.

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Hey it's the furthest you've ever made it before.

10. They're the first serious one to meet the parents.


And you know it's serious when it involves travelling hours in order for that to happen.

11. And the first ones you say those three magical words to.


"Get me food."

12. The first time you have a fight, you totally freak out.

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"This is it. We're done."

13. But within months you'll know exactly how to push each other's buttons, and sometimes do it for ~fun~.


Or to be annoying AF either one.

14. You start planning for the future and it doesn't feel weird.


"OK, so we're booking a holiday for Vietnam in about ten months right?"

15. And you have special code words or looks to communicate with each other.

One look can say it all.

16. You do develop some sort of pet names, even if they aren't necessarily cute or the norm.


But mainly you only use them if you're asking for a favour.

17. Before you know it, you've made it to one whole year!


The impossible has been defeated.

18. And you can't imagine your life without them tbh.

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