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16 Questions Females Have For Their Male Housemates

You realise you actually use more hair product than me right?

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1. How often do you really wash your hair?


2. Actually, how often do you shower?


Don't you feel dirty if you skip a shower for the day?

3. Do you actually masturbate in the shower?!

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I don't know if I want to know the answer tbh.

4. You realise you do probably own more hair product than me right?


Stop your teasing, I've seen your cabinet.

5. What's with peeing on or around the toilet seat?


Sort it out.

6. Why was an empty bottle of milk put back in the fridge?


7. Is drinking that much beer on a weeknight really necessary?


8. When the bin is full, why do you always continue to try and squish more rubbish in it?

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It's not Tetris... can you just take it out?

9. Are you allergic to bathroom cleaning products?


10. And you do know when washing up you need to actually scrub things a little to get them clean right?


Rinsing doesn't do shit.

11. Why is every pair of shoes you own, and your underwear, in our lounge room?


12. And what's with the beard clippings in the sink?


To be fair, I'm sure you get sick of us girls shedding our hair too.

13. Why do you rap Iggy Azaela when you're in your room?

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Are you lifting at the same time too?

14. Why do you bother buying new clothes when everything you wear kinda looks the same?

You rock the white t-shirt look but, you know. Shake it up.

15. Why do you make fun of our love of trashy TV shows when I know you watch Glee in your room?


16. Finally, what's the most annoying thing about having female housemates?