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21 Things Today's Aussie Teens Would Never, Ever Understand

Those long summer weeks waiting to see if Sally died from being stabbed on Home and Away.

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1. Never missing an episode of Big Brother or Australian Idol.

Network 10

2. And trying to sneak in watching Big Brother: UpLate without your parents noticing.

Network 10

3. Hearing the opening violins of "Untouched" by The Veronicas come on the radio, and knowing you were in for a rockin' three minutes of music.

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4. Pre-ordering the new Harry Potter book at Angus and Robertsons.

5. Ugly-crying over Claire's tragic death on McLeod's Daughters.

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6. Waiting with baited breath to see if Sally survived her stabbing on Home and Away.

And cursing the tennis for being on for SO long while you nervously bided your time.
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And cursing the tennis for being on for SO long while you nervously bided your time.

7. And always associating this Evermore song with that moment.

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8. Trying to guess who the eff the Summer Bay stalker was.


9. Having these two as your OTP.

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10. Watching this emotional Arias performance with awe.

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11. Developing a crush on Matt Corby before his bearded, scruffy, Triple J days.

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12. Knowing this guy as Andrew G, host of Australian Idol, rather than Osher Günsberg, host of The Bachelor.

Network 10

13. Renting a new release DVD for $5.95 from Civic Video and only being able to keep it overnight.

14. And hitting up Sanity for the two for $30 CD sales.

15. Updating your iPod with songs you downloaded from Limewire.

16. Carrying around both a phone (flip or slide) AND an iPod.

The year is 2007. You just saw Juno and you’re feelin some type a way. You turn on the TV and see a commercial for…

There was no such thing as it all happening on the one device.

17. Having a prime minister actually stay in power for the full term, as well as get re-elected.

R. D. Ward / Via / Creative Commons

18. Getting magazines like Dolly and Girlfriend delivered to your door thanks to your monthly subscriptions.

19. And learning sex-ed from Dolly Doctor.

20. Figuring out who to send your 'luv' too on Bebo.


21. And finding new MySpace backgrounds and basically feeling like you were a computer whiz when you put in the HTML code.


Ahhh, those were the days.