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22 Signs You're A Twentysomething Grandma

Sorry I can't go out tonight, I have a date with my bed.

1. When the weekend is coming and you're like "I could go out, or I could catch up on my laundry and housework instead."


2. When you actually do go out and the clock hits midnight and you start nodding off...

CBS matter where you are.

3. When you'd rather fancy a nice gin than a cheap bottle of wine. / Creative Commons

4. When you have people over for pre-drinks and you've organised a cheese platter, crackers, dips, fruit and assorted treats...

...and they're all like "we would have been totes fine with oven food."

5. When you find yourself at more and more trivia or musical bingo nights.

New Line Cinema

Sure there were $7 cocktails there but also, it's fun!

6. When you think a really good weekend challenge would be to whip up a nice roast.

EA Games

7. When your friends are all talking about the new emojis and you're still using :) to convey your emotions.


8. When you're actually still using an iPod as an everyday toy.

9. And when you need help with technical things like torrents and downloads because you're totally clueless.

EA Games

TBH most of the time you still buy DVDs.

10. When you're having drinks in the office and someone fills your glass and you're like "only just a drop please."


11. When you find yourself smelling wine and sipping it delicately instead of gulping it down.

12. When you really want to go see a movie, except it's not showing any time before 9pm.

20th Century Fox

13. When you ask for crockery, kitchenware or homeware for your birthday and/or christmas presents.


14. When you have a random passing thought like "I could really use a new vacuum cleaner."

20th Century Fox

15. When you clean your kitchen and bathroom really well and have an immense sense of satisfaction.

16. When you develop a real love of baking, not just eating baked goods.


17. When you rug up for a night out in winter, and can't fathom how on earth you used to go out without a coat.

18. And now you're more prone to wearing a nice pair of flats over heels any old day.

19. When you hear what's considered to be ~popular~ new music and you're horrified.

Youtube: Drake Vevo / Via

20. And you literally have no idea who the ~cool~ new bands are anymore. / Creative Commons

21. When being in bed basically wins out over any other social decision.


22. And when nothing seems more pleasurable than starting a really good book.

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