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25 Signs You're Having A Quarter-Life Crisis

Happy 25th.

1. You're turning 25 this year.

Hello, all you 1990 babies.

2. Every day you wrestle with that weird concept of being a young twentysomething vs. being an adult.


3. You spend a fair bit of time in denial about your new milestone age. / Via

You are officially mid-twenties. No matter how many times you try to say you're 22.

4. This lyric has started applying to your life more than you ever thought possible.

Youtube: BritneySpearsVEVO
Youtube: BritneySpearsVEVO

5. You start to pull up worse after a night of drinking.


Your 24-year-old body wouldn't do such a thing to you.

6. And you start to care about mundane things you never really thought about before.


Like household chores. And keeping things clean. And being organised. And using your diary or planner properly.

7. Relationships suddenly seem more scary.


We're either going to break-up and I've wasted my early twenties... or we're going to get MARRIED?!

8. And your grandparents or parents start asking that inevitable question: "When are you going to have children?"

Warner Bros.

9. You constantly go back and forth between the battle of going overseas to explore vs. building your career.


10. Because if you go overseas, you get to experience a whole new world...


11. ...but you could work and climb that corporate ladder.

20th Century Fox

12. You sometimes want to cry when you think of how much of a pest you were growing up and how well your parents dealt with it.

DreamWorks Pictures

Often this happens when you're doing your washing. Or cleaning up after your housemates.

13. As well as the fact you'll never be so young, helpless, and innocent again.

Youtube: JennaMarbles

14. Doing your taxes makes you feel like you're having a nervous breakdown.


15. And as much as you try to stick to a budget, sometimes managing your own money just sucks.

Universal Pictures

16. Losing touch with some friends is just an inevitable thing that will happen and you're still learning to deal with that.


17. As well as dealing with the second-hand jealously of the friends who can afford to travel regularly.


18. Life suddenly becomes less about being young and crazy with your housemates and more about keeping the noise down at 10pm because "some of us have jobs".


19. You have an existential crisis when you no longer get asked for your ID.


No matter how annoying it was before.

20. You used to thrive on people celebrating your birthday, but now you'd be quite happy if a huge party wasn't held.


Another year older, urgh.

21. Staying out late on a weeknight never used to be a problem, but now you find yourself asking what time things will ~roughly~ end.


Will I be in bed before midnight or not?

22. You start panicking because you finally realise you sound super lame and old.

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23. So you go on huge "seize the moment!" rampages.

20th Century Fox Television

24. Which promptly ends a week later.


25. And you start saying phrases like "remember five years ago, when we were in college..." and that will always trip you out.

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FUCK. College was five years ago?!