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    Posted on 29 Oct 2015

    23 Things Everyone Who Has Played Touch Football Will Relate To

    TFW when you dive for the five metre line instead of the try line.

    1. When you played the first game of the season and felt totally wrecked afterwards.

    Comedy Central

    2. As the season went on you developed an epic shorts and sock tan.

    3. You knew all too well the feeling of battling awful hayfever during spring-time games.

    4. When you were put on the wing you knew it was because you were fast, but sometimes it felt a little like a punishment.

    5. Because the immense pressure of catching long balls to score was a lot to deal with.


    You never wanted to let the team down.

    6. And when you dropped the ball you felt like a complete failure.

    7. You eventually became a pro at running backwards.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    8. Though there were times you'd still completely stack it.


    9. And when your opponents ran backwards to avoid being touched, you were even more determined to get them.

    20th Century Fox

    10. It absolutely enraged you when someone called a phantom touch and got away with it.


    11. There were times where you tried to put on an epic step and completely failed and slipped.

    12. But there was nothing better than the successful feeling of putting on a great step and scoring a try off it.

    13. Though you may never get over the time(s) you triumphantly dived for the line, only to discover it was the five metre one.

    Bob Thomas / Getty Images

    14. But regardless, you eventually became fearless when it came to diving to score or stop a try.

    15. A surefire way to get you angry was having someone "accidentally" slap you, instead of touching.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    16. And when someone stepped on your foot with studded boots, your reaction was a little like this:


    17. Though the pain of a ball hitting your finger on a bad angle was like no other.

    18. And pulling a hammy or twisting your ankle basically made you inconsolable.


    Especially when you had to miss games.

    19. There was once a time you thought wearing visor hats were really cool...


    ...until you saw what you looked like in one.

    20. And as you got older, playing mixed touch became a little more awkward because you had a fear of touching someone in an inappropriate place.

    My Damn Channel / Via

    21. You regretted the times you decided to participate in winter touch.


    The struggle to take off your beanie and coat was real.

    22. But regardless of what season, winning a tournament always made it worth it.

    23. And you and your teammates developed a bond like no other.

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