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    19 Things No One Tells You About Moving Away For College

    It's amazing what your liver can handle.

    1. At times, you'll live in complete states of filth...

    2. ...But the most surprising thing is how much it won't affect you.

    3. It's ridiculous annoying packing all your stuff up - but get used to it. Chances are you'll be doing it again soon.

    4. You'll be amazed how many nights in a row you can drink.

    5. And you will make a lot of ~bad~ decisions.

    6. You will click with some people incredibly well.

    7. And the terms "cool" or "popular" are so not a thing anymore.

    8. Your diet definitely won't be great.

    9. So you'll probably gain a little bit of weight in your first year.

    10. And you'll nap more than any other time in your life.

    11. You should really, TOTALLY take advantage of the summer break.

    12. Your classes won't always be interesting.

    13. And you'll do a lot less readings than what you think.

    14. There will be days when you feel like you're totally losing your mind.

    15. And there will also be times you question whether you're in the right degree.

    16. You'll miss your parents a lot more than you think.

    17. And going home where you can raid the pantry and sleep in your own bed again will make you incredibly happy.

    18. Time will inevitably go incredibly fast.

    19. And you will look back on uni as some of the best days of your life.