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17 White Lies Every Introvert Has Told

"I'm just really busy for the rest of my life."

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2. "Oh no! That's a date I can't make it! Stupid work dinner urgh, I'll see if it can be changed."


Truth: There's a 95% chance I do not want to go to this event, but just in case I change my mind, I'll give myself a way back in.


9. "I double-booked myself! Let's postpone, let me know when you're free next?"

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Truth: I accidentally booked myself into way too many social gatherings this week and realised this was my one free night to be alone, and you're the unfortunate person I'm bailing on.

10. "Hi, I was told to come in store to pay the rest of my furniture lay-by off, but is there anyway I can do it online?"


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